Leadership Missteps

Almost daily, every business leader is faced with opportunities and decisions that will impact the direction, the employees and the success of the organization. Aaron, while he was left in charge of the Israelites as Moses went to meet with God on Mt. Sinai, decided to construct false gods at the request of the Israelite people. Why? They had grown [...]

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Long Term Fruit

Twenty-three years ago, Kathy overheard three mothers talking about starting a school for children with special needs, and she volunteered me to help. Although I tried to escape this new calling, I sensed God wanted me to help. Last month, I co-chaired the 20th anniversary celebration of Horizon Academy. Over 800 children with learning disabilities and their families have been [...]

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Cold Calling Fears

A Harvard Business Review article by Weldon Long pointed to a research study that discovered an amazing truth. 48% of business to business sales reps are afraid of making “cold calls!” There were two primary reasons Long noted for this fear. The first is the fear of sounding like a sales person, and the second is a fear of failure. [...]

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A Business Dedication

When Jeff began leading his family’s 4th generation business, he was anxious, knowing that most businesses never last beyond the 3rd generation. He worked hard, but nothing seemed to succeed. The business struggled and Jeff began feeling like a failure. Desperate, Jeff bowed down on the shop room floor and dedicated his business to God. Soon thereafter the business began [...]

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Becoming People Focused

While mentoring a young executive, I shared the importance of having the right balance in being people-focused versus task-focused. With my financial background, I tend to focus on tasks. However, I’ve realized over the years that people are far more important. Research conducted by Robert Anderson and William Adams discovered that the number one indicator of effective leaders is strong [...]

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The Kind Shopkeeper

Judy had a budget to buy a gift for herself that would remind her in the future of her trip to the Holy Land. She spent that budgeted amount on a beautiful pair of earrings at a shop in Bethlehem owned by Arab Christian brothers. While visiting the Wailing Wall, Judy lost one of her new earrings! This loss, on [...]

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An Unconventional Property Manager

Steve and his partners lead a property management company for multifamily properties. One of their tenants committed suicide, shaking Steve and his partners to the core. Realizing that other tenants may also feel hopeless, the partners decided to do something about it. They partnered with a nearby local church to begin hosting periodic cookouts for their tenants. Their hope is [...]

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The Speed of Life

A study done in the 1970s by Darley and Batson recreated the Good Samaritan Bible story in a modern-day setting. These researchers tested two different groups’ willingness to stop and help someone in need. One group had a very tight time schedule before their next class, the other group had no time constraints. In their results, Darley and Batson concluded [...]

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Tear Down That Wall

Some business partners I know were professed Christians, but they kept having disagreements about how their faith should be reflected in their business. One partner was adamant that their faith should be separate. During a heated exchange, the one partner who was reticent about his faith blurted out, “My father taught me that business is business and faith is faith. [...]

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Push Past Good Enough

Recently, I heard Judi Bertels, CEO of African Vision of Hope, speak at a business meeting. She spoke about developing a culture fueled by its mission and values. Judi mentioned she values serving others above and beyond their expectations. Judi drives her staff to push past “good enough” in order to exceed the expected. Exodus 36:5 reads “The people are [...]

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