Like the roots of a tree, core values establish the growth and direction of an organization. Churches, businesses, mission agencies, entrepreneurs all need a solid foundation and strong roots from which to operate. These core values communicate what matters to the leaders of that organization, why they do what they do, and how they do it.

Rick Boxx

Founder & CEO

Rick is the President and Founder of Integrity Resource Center. In addition to his more than 10 years in the nonprofit world he has experience as a management consultant, entrepreneur, banker, and CPA. Rick’s fondest love is reserved for his Lord and Savior, his beautiful wife, Kathy, and his three wonderful children, Megan, Jeremy, and Rebekah.

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Vicki Kernsvaal

Director of Marketing & Communications

Vicki joins IRC with 20+ years of strategic planning and marketing experience, including corporate department head and management consultant.  Her areas of expertise include strategic planning, marketing research, and new product development for both US and international markets.  Vicki enjoys being a part of women’s Bible studies, singing in the church choir, and anything fine arts.  She is blessed by her supportive husband of 31 years, Jim, and their amazing college-bound daughter, Kayla.

Jaime Lowry

Marketing Manager

Jaime takes care of IRC’s administrative needs and implements our email campaigns, social media and web tools to resonate with our target audience. Before joining IRC, Jaime worked in marketing for a financial company and also spent time in sales and event planning.  Jaime enjoys music, traveling, writing, and leading a small group for women through her church. She is also in graduate school to get her Masters in Counseling.

David Alexander

Director of Legacy Impact Network

David Alexander is the Director of IRC’s Legacy Impact Network program. He connects with college leaders and matches them up with Christian CEO’s, Executives, and Professionals in the community to be mentored. Over the years he has spoken to well over 100,000 young people, served as a consultant, and has experience in a variety of entrepreneurial enterprises. David lives in St. Louis, MO and is a professional tap dancer. In his free time he also enjoys Salsa and Swing Dance.