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Agenda Driven

Michael Porter and Nitin Nohria did in-depth research on how twenty-seven CEOs of large companies spent their time. By tracking each CEOs time for 13 weeks they uncovered many great leadership lessons they discussed in Harvard Business Review. One highlight applicable to all leaders is the need for an overarching personal agenda or plan. The authors stated, “A clear and [...]

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More Than Just Your Best

Employers rely on their employees to do better than just their best, but to succeed. Here are four steps to having the best chance of doing better than just your best. Make sure you have a clear objective – stay focused. Be positive - your boss has given you a job because he/she believes in you. Keep learning - there [...]

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Swerving Towards Truth

One reason I subscribe to Harvard Business Review is because of their thorough research. It’s amazing how frequently their research can swerve into the truth, even when they don’t give credit to where truth comes from. Let me explain. A recent cover story in the Harvard Business Review was titled, “When Work Has Meaning.” The author’s research led to the [...]

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Trusting Your Reputation to God

Imagine Joseph’s quandary when he learned his betrothed, Mary, was pregnant. Joseph’s reputation, and even his carpentry business reputation, was at risk. Everyone probably assumed Joseph had sexual relations with Mary prior to their formal wedding ceremony. Unless he divorced her, Joseph would live with a tarnished reputation. Yet, the angel of the Lord instructed Joseph to marry her, despite [...]

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The Elaborate Scam

While walking in downtown Springfield Illinois, Kathy and I were stopped by a very articulate man. He shared how he was on staff with a well-known ministry visiting Springfield for a conference with his family. This middle-aged man claimed that his keys were locked in his car, and that he was $11 short in paying the locksmith. Kathy recommended that [...]

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My wife, Kathy, and I recently toured the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. Occasionally, you hear of a politician that was well-loved. President Lincoln, on the other hand, was well-hated. Most southerners hated Lincoln, resulting in immediately after President Lincoln’s election, the southern states seceded from the Union. In Washington DC, the political establishment hated him. Even many slaves and former [...]

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The Bible on Building Wealth Part V

This week we’re discussing the spiritual struggle some have over building wealth. Sometimes wealth is passed on to people, such as when a family member takes over the family business. Years ago, I was speaking with a friend who was taking over his family’s business. In a candid moment, he told me, “I’m afraid that this wealth could draw me [...]

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The Bible on Building Wealth Part IV

This week we’re discussing the spiritual struggle some have over building wealth. Unfortunately, many believe to be a good Christian, you must be poor. This philosophy can hinder someone’s God-given ability to create wealth. Joseph was a God-fearing man that was given the gift of creating wealth, but it was wealth for a purpose. In Genesis 50:20 Joseph told his [...]

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The Bible on Building Wealth Part III

This week we’re discussing the spiritual struggle some have over building wealth. Some point to the rich young ruler’s story as a mandate for us all to be poor. Jesus knew this rich young ruler’s heart. This young man’s love of money was blocking him from eternal life. Jesus’ call for him to sell his possessions was a specific call [...]

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The Bible on Building Wealth Part II

This week we’re discussing the struggle some have over their business flourishing economically. A philosophy around since the first century claims that poverty is good for all. Material possessions were considered bad. Although some leaders are called to poverty, we cannot assume that to be true for all. Material possessions are not the problem. The motivations we have for acquiring [...]

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