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Feeling Empowered

Empowering others is a great leader’s strength.  Whether as an individual or part of a team, people who feel empowered can achieve amazing successes. The greatest example of empowerment is found in John 21.  Jesus had been crucified and resurrected.  Jesus seeks out His disciples and finds them fishing.  Jesus returns and reminds Peter of the lesson he learned over [...]

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Avoiding Evil

When I was a teenager, I regret to admit that I was a thief. If I wanted a new record album from the department store where I worked, I would carefully look around to assure no one was watching, then I would sneak it out the shipping door. What I didn’t realize, or care about, at the time was that [...]

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Chasing Fantasies

Frequently I receive calls from young people who have new business ideas. The excitement of youthful leaders tends to lend itself to chasing fantasies. The most successful businesses, however, are the ones who take their new idea, develop a plan and work that plan diligently. There’s a distinct difference between focused entrepreneurs who have a new idea and creative people [...]

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Financial Distractions

Years ago, I was reviewing Michael’s personality profile results with him. Michael’s profile came back inconclusive, which meant there was most likely a traumatic event going on in the participant’s life. Michael was evasive but assured me everything was fine. The next day, Michael’s boss called and said, “Your assessment of Michael was correct. He missed work because his house [...]

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Financial Reserves for the Flock

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Pitt Ohio, a Pittsburgh trucking company, learned from a University of Pittsburgh survey that drivers who reported financial stress had more accidents. To improve their safety record and their driver’s lives Pitt Ohio established a goal of every employee having a $1,000 emergency fund. Each employee who saved $19 a week for 6 [...]

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A Commencement Address

My friend, Rick, shared some exciting news! His wife had been asked to give the commencement address at this year’s Business School graduation ceremony for a major university! Rick went on to say, “Denise has given many important speeches and I’ve never seen her nervous. But this time she’s nervous.” I pondered several reasons why this talk might have her [...]

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Gracious Words

When I was a child, encouragement and affirmation were qualities I rarely received nor witnessed. Therefore, it’s harder for me to offer those gifts to others. Fortunately, my wife, Kathy, is the best I’ve seen at encouraging and affirming others. Kathy will stop a stranger to give them a compliment. This often leads to Kathy sharing with them that “God [...]

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A Mother’s Calling

During my childhood my mother worked outside the home full-time and somehow managed to raise five kids.  With that as a backdrop, when I married Kathy, I assumed she would always work outside the home as well. She did, until we discovered that my son, Jeremy, had autism and needed more help than a daycare could provide. Kathy’s new vocational [...]

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Lessons Learned as a Juror Part III

Recently, I spent three days serving as a juror. One lesson I learned is the importance of restitution. During the jury deliberation the jury struggled with how to assess an amount for the intangible value of “pain and suffering.” In Numbers 5, God told Moses, “Any man or woman who wrongs another in any way, and so is unfaithful to the Lord, is guilty and [...]

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Lessons Learned as a Juror Part II

Recently, I spent three days serving as a juror on a personal injury case. There were many lessons learned that I would like to share. One lesson I learned is that justice doesn’t always prevail in the courtroom. My naïve belief going into jury deliberations was that twelve reasonable people would come out with a fair and impartial verdict. That [...]

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