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Filling the Gaps

If we drill down into business processes, we often find gaps. Gaps are those areas where we are lacking competency, are inefficient, or where we generate waste, we cannot see on the surface. Gaps can also be found in our spiritual life. If we stop and look under the cover of our soul it gives us the opportunity to see [...]

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Soft Answers

Steve’s first job after college was in truck manufacturing. One of Steve’s fellow employees found out that Steve was a Christian and began harassing Steve and calling him terrible names. Not knowing what to do, Steve decided to follow Jesus and “turn the other cheek”.  Steve later realized that ignoring this man’s harassment wasn’t working and felt the Holy Spirit [...]

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Zero Resistance

My friend, Pastor Adam, recently shared that some time ago he was wrestling with God over control of his church. As he prayed and studied Adam had an epiphany. When Jesus walked the earth, He only did what His Father asked of him. He had “zero resistance” to the Holy Spirit. Adam felt that God was saying to him that [...]

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It’s Not My Job

As Kathy, Jeremy, and I entered the diner we immediately observed chaos. The only waitress was the owner’s wife. She had 25 tables either full of people or empty dishes. After Kathy and I cleared a table for ourselves, I watched as Kathy went into action. She approached the owners and boldly said, “I used to be a waitress. I’m [...]

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A Cheap Host

Some businesses have a generous culture, and some are just plain cheap. I was reminded of that as Tom, my pastor, recently shared an incredible personal experience he had years ago. Before becoming a pastor, newly married, Tom and his wife were new to their church, so they jumped at the offer to have dinner in the home of another [...]

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Lend a Hand

There comes a point in our career when we’ve been at the job for so long, it’s just second nature to us. We forget what it was like to be the “new guy” or “new girl” on the other side of the conference table.  We forget what it is like to be “green”. The Lord searches the earth looking for [...]

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The Three P’s – Part III

A former General Mills executive, Marc Belton, discussed three P’s; Perks, Privilege, and Power in an interview with Dallas Theological Seminary. Today, let’s discuss Power. Unions have been in decline for many years. Many believe it’s due to the power some union leaders have abused. Years ago, a friend of mine attended a union meeting to discuss a potential strike. [...]

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The Three P’s – Part II

A former General Mills executive, Marc Belton, discussed three P’s: Perks, Privilege, and Power in an interview with Dallas Theological Seminary. Today, let’s discuss Privilege. As leaders rise through the ranks of an organization, their position often affords them more privilege. Maybe it’s more freedom as to how you spend your time, company cars, or invitations to meet with influential [...]

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The Three P’s – Part I

A former General Mills executive, Marc Belton, discussed three P’s: Perks, Privilege, and Power in an interview with Dallas Theological Seminary. Let’s discuss each of those this week beginning with Perks. As a young banker I once presented a loan request for a country club to our loan committee. The CEO was so excited he pronounced to the entire room [...]

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Columbus’ Calculated Risks

At times, I’ve risked my livelihood to start a new organization, but I've never risked my life like Christopher Columbus did when he went exploring. Even if Columbus’ premise of reaching the East Indies by sailing west had been correct, it was uncertain whether they would have adequate supplies, time, or weather. They took a big risk! In 2 Corinthians [...]

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