How to Start A Networking Group

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book-10-biblical-principlesLike many leaders, you may have set a goal this year to networking more, study or read more, or to join an accountability group. We hear you—and that’s part of the reason we created our new Study Guide Starter Kits.

Our newly-redesigned and updated study provides the framework to start a networking group focused on putting God first at work. The brief chapters help facilitate great discussion, while still being deep enough to challenge. This study is the backbone of Rick’s ministry! If you haven’t gone through it yet, there’s no time like the present.

 About 10 Biblical Principles for Business

The goal of this study is to provide insightful teaching to those in the marketplace who wish to conduct themselves and their business with utmost integrity based on biblical principles. As the leader and facilitator of the group, you have a tremendous opportunity to lead others into a deeper relationship with God as well as a deeper commitment to building their businesses on Biblical principles; and to experience this yourself.

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