LEADING Assessment

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The LEADING Assessment

If someone asked you how you are living out your faith at work…how would you answer?

  • Would you point to the Bible on your desk?
  • Would you tell stories of sharing Christ with your employees or co-workers?
  • Would you respond that business and religion don’t mix?
  • Or would you have to admit that you hadn’t given it much thought?

If you answered yes to the last question, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to understand what God expects of them in their jobs or businesses. We believe God does want us living our faith in the workplace,so we developed the LEADING assessment to help you identify what areas you can begin to integrate your faith with your work.

The LEADING acronym stands for Lover of God, Excellence, Appreciates others, Directed by a higher purpose, Integrity, Not in bondage, and Generous.

With our LEADING assessment, you’ll evaluate each of these areas and receive instruction and encouragement to strengthen any that need work.

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