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Our Vision: Communities of faithforward business women living out their faith in the workplace for Kingdom impact. 

Focusing on:

 Faith + Work + Life 

From the Desk of Kathy Boxx

Wow!  What an exciting first quarter for Unconventional Business Women! 

Two years ago, God asked me to lead a movement that was distinct and desperately needed in today’s marketplace.  As you know, unconventional business women face issues that are very different from our male counterpartsOur mission is to form communities of faithforward business women to address these unique needs.  This movement is deeply connected to the premise that as we grow and share authentically, we begin to learn, encourage and support like-minded women in the process. 

God is raising UB Women leaders in both Kansas City and St. Louis, and it is my pleasure to invite you join us as we move into the summer months.  I would love to meet and talk with anyone who has questions or would like to learn more!  My email is kathy@unconventionalbusiness.org.

About UB Women Events

UBW FaithForward Conversations

UBW presents FaithForward Conversations, an intimate lunchtime gathering of faithforward business women. These facilitated conversations address topics unique to business women of faith and foster the growth of meaningful workplace relationships. They are held during an extended lunch period from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm and include a box lunch.

UBW Gatherings

UBW is in its second year of bringing faithforward business women together in an intimate and comfortable setting. These evening events foster relationships with like-minded women and enable learning from successful business women. Table discussions are candid and encourage. Meet & Greet and chef-inspired appetizer buffet open each gathering at 5:30 p.m., followed by the evening program which begins at 6:00 and concludes at 7:45

UBW 2019 Calendar of Events

UBW Kansas City

Day Event Link
19 Sept. Chick-fil-A’s Dee Ann Turner | VIP Simulcast Luncheon Event Registration coming soon!
24-25 Oct. UB Summit | National Small Business Leadership Conference Summit
7 Nov. Gathering | Dacia Moore, Executive Director, Gateway of Hope Register

UBW St. Louis

Day Event Link
21 Aug. FFC | Find Your Purpose | Dawn Krause Register
18 Sept. FFC | Lead with a Clear Mind | Evangeline Sutton Register
19 Sept. UB Luncheon Event | Chick-fil-A’s Dee Ann Turner Register
24-25 Oct. UB Summit | National Small Business Leadership Conference Summit
4 Nov. Gathering | Red Cross’ CEO of MO and AR, Cindy Erickson Register
20 Nov. FFC | Lead with a Clear Vision | Beverly Jenkins Register
18 Dec. FFC | Lead with a Clear Mission | Shannon Mette Register

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