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The goal of this study is to provide insightful teaching to those in the marketplace who wish to conduct themselves and their business with utmost integrity based on biblical principles. This study is designed to guide you in understanding the essential principles of Faith, Integrity, Relationships, and Excellence.

This study is designed to be flexible for groups meeting at different times and in different settings. As you go through each lesson you will find questions for discussion along the way. The case study at the end of each lesson will help you put these principles into practice in everyday settings. Depending on your group and time constraints, you may choose to read the material ahead of time and come prepared to discuss it together, or you may choose to go through the lesson all together as a group. There is not a right way to do it.

The Memory Verse at the conclusion of each lesson will help you remember the truth of Scripture in regard to your work.

The Looking for Treasure section in each lesson offers additional biblical insights for you to consider on your own or to discuss in your small group as time allows.

Included at the end of this study is a guide with additional resources for those facilitating each lesson or for anyone interested in going deeper with the material.

IRC Small Groups Bible Study

The Six Lessons Include:

  • Maximizing Your Calling
  • Courageous Faith
  • Walking with Integrity
  • Relationship with God
  • Loving Others
  • Biblical Excellence