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Find hope, healing, spiritual guidance and practical encouragement by applying the faith building lessons of this miraculous story to your own life. This book will touch your heart, strengthen your faith, and inspire you to press on through the storms of this life.


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Experience the heart-warming story of a young girl’s catastrophic illness and miraculous recovery!

lT WAS 3 A.M., THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS, when nine-year-old Gracyn climbed into her parent’s bed. She was feeling sick and couldn’t sleep. Yet, she w anticipating her brother’s baptism that night and her own solo in the Christmas Eve service at church. Little did her father suspect that Gracyn’s icy cold hands on his back were symptom of a tragic illness chat would take the DenBesten family on a chaotic journey and change their lives forever.

Maybe you are facing an unspeakable tragedy or have a dark challenge looming on your horizon. Maybe you’ve already endured tragedy or find yourself fearing the unknown. Regardless, you will find hope and healing as you share in the DenBesten’s journey of faith and apply the lessons they learned to your own situation.

About the Authors

KRIS DENBESTEN is a husband, father, and CEO of an international business headquartered in Orlando, Florida. He has written three books on living by faith and loves to share the story of his daughter’s miracle. Kris and his wife Robin reside in central Florida with their three children Cole, Gracyn, and Brooks.

GRACYN DENBESTEN is clearly one of God’s miracles. She lov music, dance, and acting. But more than anything, she loves to glorify God ministering to others through her song.

“Gracyn’s Song is one of the most inspiring stories J have encountered in my 50 years of ministry”.

  • Jim Henry, Southern Baptist Convention

President, 1994 – 1996

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