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Rick offers a variety of topics in his speaking series.

His workshops address common concerns business leaders face. His experience and personal stories will encourage, inspire, and train you to make the most of your career in a way that pleases and glorifies God. Invite Rick to speak to your company, organization, church, men’s ministry group, community or business groups.

Need training on a specific faith or workplace issue?
If your organization has a specific need, just ask. Chances are Rick has experience with your topic and can provide the Biblical insight you need.

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Speaking series topics:

 God as CEO

Does God care how you run your business? Does it matter to Him what your goals are, how you treat your employees, or if you’ve prepared for the future? Discover the answers to these questions and learn how to build a business that not only prospers but pleases God in the process.

In his seminar, God as CEO, Rick shares biblical principles for building and running your business. These proven, timeless truths will lay a foundation for your future and provide the baseline to evaluate your plans and practices against. When you view God as your CEO, you’ll gain powerful insight and wisdom that will revolutionize your approach to business.

 Topics include:

  • Lessons from the Life of Nehemiah
  • A Powerful Planning Model
  • Leading Your Sheep
  • Treating Your People Right
  • Becoming a Servant-Leader
  • PLUS…Proven Keys to Financial Success that you can put into practice right away!

Maximize Your Calling

How is your calling expressed through the work you do? Finding the answer to this question will bring great peace and focus to your professional life. When you begin to understand your God-given gifts, your purpose, and your specific place in God’s plan, you’ll find renewed energy and excitement for what He’s called you to do.

In this workshop, Rick will share four steps in identifying your God-given skills, abilities, and knowledge. You’ll also discover how your calling relates to your profession, the stages of the discovery process, and how to determine what stage you are currently in. Armed with this knowledge you’ll enjoy greater satisfaction in your work and spiritual life.

Topics include:

  • Four Steps to Finding Your Calling
  • Stages of the Discovery Process
  • Where are you in the process?
  • PLUS…personal stories and practical tips that will help you live and work with purpose!

FIRE in the Workplace

Make your workplace your mission field. You can have a tremendous impact in your business, place of employment, school, or organization by living out what you believe.

In this workshop, Rick exhorts Christians to model their work lives on biblical principles; not just for the promise of prosperity, but to honor and glorify God. Through years of experience and study, Rick understands the challenges of walking out your faith in the workplace. His solid teaching will inspire and motivate you as you learn to walk with integrity, work with excellence, be passionate, and care about others.

 Topics include:

  • Discovering Your Unique Gifts
  • Courageous Faith in the Workplace
  • Walking with Integrity and Excellence
  • Improving Relationships and Honoring God
  • PLUS…personal stories and practical tips that will help you live and work with purpose!

Walking with Integrity

What does integrity look like in the workplace? Is it simply a code of conduct we observe? Or is there a deeper meaning, a spiritual truth found in this often misunderstood word?

Join Rick for this powerful workshop on the benefits and blessings found in choosing to walk, work, and live with integrity. Hear what the Bible has to say on the subject and be encouraged to raise your own standards in order to please God and honor him in your career, business, job, or ministry.


Topics include:

  • Defining Integrity
  • The Benefits of Fearing God
  • Loving Others in the Workplace
  • PLUS…practical tips and real-life examples that will help you practice integrity in your workplace starting Monday!

Building Ethical Workplaces – God’s Way

Integrity is a missing art in today’s business world. But for Christian leaders and business owners it is a necessary and foundational piece of building a workplace that pleases and honors God.

How do we create a culture that exemplifies and rewards integrity in ourselves as leaders, our employees, your culture, and in our business relationships? In his seminar, Building Ethical Workplaces—God’s Way, Rick reveals the five pillars of integrity that every business needs and helps you address the three biggest challenges you’ll face in this pursuit. Through this training, you’ll benefit from Rick’s professional experience, passionate faith, and biblical wisdom as he equips you to build a solid foundation of integrity in your organization.

If you’re ready to make your place of business a place of integrity, contact Rick today.

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Topics include:

  • Why Integrity Still Matters
  • Business Ethics from a Biblical Perspective
  • The Formula for Integrity in the Workplace
  • Five Pillars of Integrity
  • Three Big Challenges to Building an Ethical Workplace
  • PLUS…Practical—and proven—steps you can take to build integrity in your staff!

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