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I Am Sorry, Part IV

According to an Association of Psychological Science article, when customers are wronged, there are three critical factors in an apology. The third factor is an offer to repair the damage, or what the Bible calls restitution. Years ago, my wife, Kathy, was involved in a multi-level marketing business. She had a transaction that didn’t go well. She needed to make [...]

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I Am Sorry, Part III

According to an Association of Psychological Science article, there are three critical elements in an apology when customers are wronged. The second element is an explanation why the problem occurred. Kathy and I went to a new restaurant. The tables were covered in dishes and no one seated us. We considered leaving when the owner came over and apologized. He [...]

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I Am Sorry, Part I

A 2017 Customer Rage study by The WP Carey School of Business discovered that 73% of unhappy customers were satisfied when they got monetary relief and an apology. Although wronged customers deserve monetary relief, we also need to apologize. Throughout scripture, God calls us to repent of our mistakes. Jesus said in Luke 15:10, “I tell you, there is joy [...]

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Job Burnout, Part I

A recent article by CNBC stated, “companies are facing an employee burnout crisis, 23% feel burned out at work often or always.” The article suggests employee burnout is fostered by company culture and 24/7 access to work via email, text and cell phones. The report supports a biblical principle of Sabbath that is well known, but often ignored due to [...]

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A Courageous Attorney

A Mueller report finding was about the courage or disobedience, depending upon your viewpoint, of White House attorney, Don McGahn. Reportedly, McGahn claimed that the President called him at home, demanding he start the process of firing Mueller. Supposedly, McGahn believed this was improper and possibly illegal, so he refused. It takes courage to tell any boss “No,” but imagine [...]

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Profits or People Tension

Former CEO of Rochester Drug Cooperative, Laurence Doud, was recently charged with criminal charges related to drug trafficking opioids. This test case will be a wake-up call for executives that distribute any type of addictive pharmaceuticals. Rochester Drug distributes drugs to pharmacies. Distributors typically serve their customers well by providing whatever legal products the customer requests. If this test case [...]

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Price Fixing

A recent “60 Minutes” TV segment highlighted Connecticut’s claim that several drug companies have been conspiring to dramatically increase prices on prescription drugs. After new drug patents expire, the government intends for competing drug companies to develop generic versions of the drug, making them more affordable for the masses. Unfortunately, according to the Connecticut Attorney General, several drug companies are [...]

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Seasons of Drought

An article by Small Business Trends claims, “a bit more than half of all startups actually survives to their fourth year.” With this staggering statistic, it is no wonder that the initial years of a start up business can feel like a drought financially, emotionally and spiritually. A season of financial drought can mask the fruit that is growing in [...]

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Me Too

In a recent article on Superperformance.com, Internet Marketer, Anna Johnson said, “while it may be tempting to 'do what everyone else is doing' I suggest holding back and focusing, instead, on developing a unique and better solution.” 1 Samuel 8:19-20 says, “But the people refused to listen to Samuel. “No!” they said. “We want a king over us.  Then we will be [...]

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Profit Sharing Arrangement

As a teenager, I worked summers on my uncle’s farm. Some land my uncle farmed was owned by others. They shared the profits 50/50 after direct expenses like fertilizer and seed. With that context, I found Joseph’s profit-sharing arrangement in Genesis 47:24 as peculiar. Joseph said to the sharecropping tenants, “But when the crop comes in, give a fifth of it [...]

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